There are many benefits to having the most original name in the shrink wrapping industry, original because we can with complete honesty say that we were the first British shrink wrapping equipment manufacturer. In 1956 my father in law set up a company called Unity Designs and here he designed and produced the first ever shrink wrapping equipment for the packaging industry. In 1967 he set up our existing business Shrinkwrap Machinery Co Ltd and it has been running ever since as a family concern, now headed up by his sons Peter and Jeremy Frith both Directors of the business.

Over the years as the process was adopted across a wide range of industries and applications, Shrinkwrap became a household name; a generic term for a packaging process and a packaging material.

In recent years many packaging companies have amalgamated ‘Shrinkwrap’ into their own trading names in some way which can be confusing for the customer and in some cases of detriment to our own business, we have found that customers are often confused as to who they are actually dealing with but we soon put them right!

Shrinkwrap Machinery Co Ltd, is an original shrink wrap packaging equipment manufacturer, about to enter its 50th year of trading with a pedigree that extends way before that.  We remain independent, we remain passionate about what we do, we remain developers and designers, building machines here in the UK from scratch.

It is a fact that we are proud of.  Proud to be British, proud of our equipment, proud of our team and excited as to what the future holds for us.