shrink wrap machine

A Polycarbonate Roofing Panel firm in Somerset have just taken delivery of a brand new tailor made 1800 mm wide shrink wrap machine from UK firm Shrinkwrap Machinery Co Ltd.

The equipment was designed by the team in Poole and built on site in the factory.  Shrinkwrap are specialists in building this type of large shrink wrapping equipment having had many experiences over the years with large machine installations.

The machine is fully automatic and is employed to shrink wrap panels and packs of panels up to 5 metres long and 1600 mm wide.  Shrinkwrap supplied an infeed/packing table and also an outfeed section where operatives can apply the final finishing touches to the pack before dispatching to their customers.  The customer also requested a laptop table with Ethernet connection to be added to the outfeed section

In addition to the long 5 metre packs the machine is also required to wrap smaller 700 x 700 mm packs.  We have achieved this by use of a unique moving gantry head which has several benefits not least reducing the size of the machine from that of a fixed sealing head.  The moving gantry head and adjacent moving infeed conveyor, means the the pack does not have to stop for the cut and seal to take place: on the long packs the leading edge will already be in the heat tunnel by the time the rear of the pack has passed through the cut and seal section so it is essential not to stop the conveyor belts as the packs would receive excessive heat and potentially distort.

The polycarbonate roof panels are first wrapped in bubble wrap on the infeed table, they are then automatically fed through the machine where a sleeve of film is applied and then shrunk, providing protection and integrity to the final pack presentation.

The shrink wrapping machine is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC and uses Inverters throughout for the control of conveyor belt speed.  A special low height and aperture tunnel was designed and built improving the energy efficiency of the shrink tunnel minimising consumption where possible.  The machine also benefits from an extended double shrink film roll holder and shrink film splice unit.

The whole installation is 16.5 metres in length and was uploaded and delivered by a specialist machinery transport and removals company.