Noble Foods of North Scarle has recently taken delivery of 2 brand new shrink wrapping machines from British manufacturers, Shrinkwrap Machinery Co Ltd, based in Poole, Dorset. The machines benefit from many upgrades which have led to a 30% increase in packaging output at North Scarle. The upgrades comprise of integrating a variable speed, twin belt, intelligent infeed system with Shrinkwrap’s box motion seal system, latest new generation Mitsubishi PLC and HMI touch screen.

This upgrade allows tight gapping of product into the machine, maximising product throughput. Further enhancements include twin reel film holders with film splicing attachments along with alarms for low film, air and machine stop. The tunnel benefits from heavy insulation leading to reduced electricity demand, making this tunnel amongst the most efficient in the industry.

Shrinkwrap believes this is the fastest shrink wrapping machine of it size and is suited to most applications. Shrinkwrap have a 40 year history with Noble Foods (formerly Deans Foods), their machines have long been used at their egg packing sites across the UK, wrapping egg cartons ready for onward transport. Noble Foods recognise Shrinkwrap as an established and successful British Manufacturer; back up, service and support being a high priority for them in such a high volume operation.

Peter Robertson, Engineering Project Manager for Noble Foods commented; I am very happy with the build quality and engineering of the machine and we have a long history of good performance from Shrinkwrap’s machines. The upgrade is very slick and combines clever redesigns on the electrical cabinet; touch technology and film splice alarm system. The Shrinkwrap team provide excellent service as usual and I have been very impressed by the whole experience as Shrinkwrap have delivered what I wanted and more.