Napier Brown 2 (2) 2013A leading UK sugar distributor has recently taken delivery of a brand new shrink wrapping machine from British manufacturers, Shrinkwrap Machinery Co Ltd. The machine incorporates a unique product infeed guide enabling upright and laid down 1 kg packs to be wrapped without a tool change.

Our customer reports ‘we have got a shrink wrapping solution which delivered everything we wanted in one cost effective permanent fixture. The installation of this machine has enabled the line to be used more frequently than before and because of our production processes it allows us to run another process at a higher rate and for longer. The two result in a much higher return on this asset than expected’.

The machine is a fully automatic, side entry; 650 mm wide fixed head shrink wrapper coupled with our energy efficient shrink tunnel. Our customer comments ‘I have been impressed with the overall build quality of the equipment; quality remains long after the price is forgotten, I value the ability to manufacture in house spares and Shrinkwrap has been one of the most technically adept suppliers I have dealt with’.

Shrinkwrap Machinery is a family business, established since 1967 and specialists in building bespoke equipment.