Poole, Dorset based Shrinkwrap Machinery Company has designed and manufactured their own range of L sealers specifically targeted at the commercial laundry industry.

Simple to operate and compact in design, Shrinkwrap’s laundry L sealer provides for a gap in the market that cannot easily be fulfilled by some of the imported equipment that is available in the UK currently.

The commercial laundry industry is a hard and relentless business to be in. Machinery and equipment has to stand up to rigorous usage on a 24/7, 365 days a year basis. On the whole imported L sealers [be that from the Far East or from Europe] fall short of the standard required for this particular industry although they are more than adequate in providing a good standard of performance to many other lighter use industries.

The Laundry L Sealer is currently available in 2 variants, the first is a totally manually operated and the second an air assisted semi automatic version, allowing for a faster wrapping speed. The 700 x 750 sealing area with adjustable height sealing table allows for random packing of laundry from small packs of pillow cases, through to bundles of towels.

Berennsen has so far taken delivery of 7 of these machines. As the key supplier of Shrink Wrapping equipment to the laundry industry, be that high speed fully automatic shrink wrapping machines or manual L sealers, Shrinkwrap provides a total solution to the Laundry industry for all its wrapping needs.