Laundry Shrink Wrap Machine

Commercial laundries across the UK use shrink wrapping as a method of protecting clean, ironed and folded laundry during packing, storage and transit, the benefit passed to the end user allowing them to store laundry on site in its original clean condition.

Shrinkwrap Machinery Co Ltd installed the very first machine into a commercial laundry over 30 years ago, leading the way and quickly establishing the industry standard for the presentation and packaging of clean laundry. You can view further details of the machine here Laundry Shrink Wrapper

In 2016 Shrinkwrap launched their brand new machine specifically designed for the laundry industry, it has a number of additional features which assist in delivering excellent pack side closure and works with a very thin 13 micron shrink film, increasing the film yield for the customer.  Energy consumption is a big topic and the team at Shrinkwrap have worked hard to improve the efficiency of the tunnel, increasing insulation, reducing dead air space and lowering the number of heaters required.

The machine has also been updated in terms of its appearance.  A new sleek, visually appealing design that will complement any factory floor or packaging area with clear view easy access doors for ease of maintenance.  Speed wise this machine will happily work its way through 1200 packs per hour using the 13 micron film; our progressive infeed machine will increase that to 1500 packs per hour where there is a requirement.

Johnsons Stalbridge Linen in Glasgow are the first laundry company to take delivery of our brand new shrink wrapper and they are delighted with their decision to purchase from the original manufacturers of shrink wrapping equipment: Shrinkwrap Machinery Co Ltd.

Alan Mulholland, Group Operations Director comments: “We have been a customer of Shrinkwrap Machinery for a number of years and have always been very happy with the service and products they provide. Being an independent local business, we find they are passionate about their business, knowledgeable about their products and care about the after sales service that they provide. Shrinkwrap always fulfil our requirements whether it is for our depots in the South or in Glasgow.

For the past month we have used their new machine which was delivered and installed on time, although this machine sits on a smaller footprint it delivers a higher pack output and uses less power.

We are so pleased with the new machine that have just ordered 2 further machines for two of our sites in the South.”

The team at Shrinkwrap Machinery Co Ltd are delighted with the end result.  Jeremy Frith, Technical Director at Shrinkwrap comments: “I’m really pleased with what we have achieved with our new machine, not just in terms of its performance but also with its design and modern sleek finish”.

MD Peter Frith comments “it’s been really important for us to listen to our customers throughout this process, we have taken on board their feedback and have tried hard to encompass changes they wanted to see for the better.  I’m delighted with what we have achieved here as a team and I am looking forward to the future with Shrinkwrap Machinery Co Ltd more than ever”.