Shrink Wrap Machine – Manually Operated

This is a compact Monobloc sleeve wrapper, ideal for low volume sleeve wrapping applications.



This is a compact Monobloc sleeve wrapper, ideal for low volume shrink wrapping applications where a Polythene film is required.  The machine places a sleeve of film around the pack which then passes through to the heat tunnel for shrinking.


  • The machine is manually operated and can produce between 120 and 350 packs per hour
  • Requires single operator to shrink wrap packs
  • The machine utilises a twin reel shrink film system.  One reel at the top and one at the bottom.
  • Electronically controlled Teflon coated hot cutting & sealing bar
  • The machine has digital control displays
  • The shrink tunnel uses a zinc coated wire mesh conveyor, although roller conveyor can be an option is required
  • The tunnel conveyor belt is inverter driven with variable speed control of 2-5 metres per minute
  • Thermostatically controlled tunnel, recycles air.  The tunnel has thick silicone curtains at either end which reduces heat loss and improves the energy usage of the tunnel.
  • For use with Polyethylene shrink film
  • The operation of the machine sealing blade involves two handed control for operator safety
  • CE standard


  • Bottom and top driven shrink wrap film un-winder which is ideal for light packs
  • Pack rollers on tunnel outlet which assist in flattening the molten film against the pack to aid pack closure and a better presentation and finish
  • After pack cooler to take some of the heat out of the pack once the shrink has finished
  • 10/15mm roller tunnel conveyor
  • Teflon coating of tunnel conveyor
  • Stainless steel conveyor
  • Conveyor extension on tunnel outlet
  • Pack stabiliser to assist wrapping and transporting unstable packs through the machine

This machine is made for us and is subject to a usual lead time of 6-8 weeks.  Call us now to discuss your manual shrink wrapping requirements.  Call now:01202 674944

Why not watch the video for a clear idea of how this machine