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Side Sealer – Automatic – Intermittent Motion



Intermittent motion, automatic side sealer, equipped with a transversal sealing bar that moves vertically and descends when the product arrives in order to cut and seal the pack at the front, side and back with rapidity and accuracy.

Features & Benefits

  • Thanks to the continuous side sealing mechanism there is no limit to the product length.
  • The transversal sealing bar width is available up to 100 cm and the product height up to 40 cm.
  • Depending on the pack size this machine can wrap up to 75 packs per minute.
  • This machine can handle any kind of centre folded film (Polyolefin, Polythene & Polypropylene) by simply using some additional optional sealing systems.
  • The design incorporates reduce space between the side sealing and the product to save up to 10 cm of side film 
  • The centre sealing and triangle inverting head are motorised and can be adjusted via the HMI touch screen
  • PLC controlled
  • The machine has a three belt system and can achieve considerable saving in film thanks to the reduced space between the side sealing and products.
  • These side seal machines can be used with different types of infeed and outfeed conveyors to form a complete line.
  • Kissing belts are mounted as standard in all machines to enable packing for smaller and irregular shaped items
  • The film dispenser unit and film wind up unit are in an easy access position at the front of the machine and can be accessed through a sliding door

Click on the link below for the side sealer machine brochure in PDF format.

Side Sealer – Intermittent Motion

We are a distributor of this product for Preferred Packaging the Italian designer and manufacturer of this equipment.