Round Bend Conveyor – Modular Flat Belt



The Shrinkwrap powered round bend conveyor is a closed surface, modular, tapered conveyor belt ideal for the smooth transfer of product round a bend ready for smooth continuous transfer.

The tapered belt design eradicates product trapping in the belt as the surface remains totally closed as it travels around the bend.  A reduce gap on entry and exit of the bend lowers the risk of further trapping.

Due to the tapered belt design, the conveyor has a small footprint with a 600mm internal bend radius, closed coupled guarding and belt tracking. Maintenance or replacement of the belt is a very straightforward process and will cut down maintenance time significantly when compared to fabric belts. Replacing the belt will take around 5 minutes. The modular belt is a very hard wearing product and will outlast traditional flat belt style conveyors.

Features & Benefits

  • Small footprint
  • Low friction
  • Low power requirement
  • Tough durable belt
  • Left or right orientation
  • No keyed sprockets
  • Excellent product stability
  • Various sizes available
  • Variable speed drive
  • Easy to maintain

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