MONO Robin L-Sealer



MONO Robin L-Sealer

Mono Equipment’s compact Bluebird Robin L-Sealer, provides the perfect solution for small businesses that have limited space but need to hygienically wrap a wide range of bakery products.

The Bluebird Robin L-Sealer is a manually operated, table top mounted machine which is simple and easy to use – with minimum training required.  A range of wrapping films are available to suit an almost endless selection of bakery products including perforated film to wrap crusty bread, straight from the oven.

Each Robin L-Sealer has a maximum seal area of 28cm x 28cm and will quickly and easily L-seal a wide range of products including bread rolls, small loaves, doughnuts, croissants, biscuits and savoury products.

All built-to-order Bluebird Robin L-Sealers are manufactured in stainless steel and are therefore ideal for the food industry, guaranteeing them to be durable, hygienic and easy to clean.  Shrinkwrap Machinery Co Ltd are an authorised re-seller of this equipment.


— Will handle a majority of items produced in a typical bakery, confectionery shop or food service outlet (with the exception of French sticks)

— Wire temperature controller – for desired heat

— Quick and efficient for maximum throughput

— 13 amp plug installation for immediate Plug-&-Play

— Has a seal area of 28cm by 28cm


— Small and compact – takes up very little space

— Hygienic stainless steel construction ensures cleaning is quick and easy

— Solid build ensures durability and long life

— Simple to use on/off switch

— Quick and easy one person set up and operation