L-Sealers – Semi Automatic – Matrix



The Matrix L-Sealer range is a combination L-Sealer and shrink tunnel unit ideal for producing quality finished presentation packs on a continual basis.

Model: Matrix 5040 / 7550 / 11580

Matrix 5040:   Maximum Pack Size   500 x 400 x 170 H mm

Matrix 7550:   Maximum Pack Size   750 x 500 x 170 H mm

Matrix 11580: Maximum Pack Size   1150 x 800 x 170 H mm


  • Pneumatically operated L sealing bar
  • L-Sealers start control is available by foot pedal or push button, this can be specified at the time of order
  • A wire mesh heat tunnel conveyor is included as standard
  • Electronically controlled tunnel temperature, recycling air
  • Thick silicone curtains on each end of the tunnel to reduce heat loss and improve efficiency
  • There is adjustable speed control on tunnel conveyor which can operate between 3 &10.5 metres per minute
  • The Matrix incorporates a safety stop feature on the down motion of the L sealing bar should an object get in the way
  • The machine has an impulse heated L sealing blade
  • The L seal bar is mounted on the base of the sealing area
  • The machine is suitable for PVC, Polyolefin or Polythene centre folded shrink film – click here for details
  • The machine requires a single operator only: a return round bend conveyor is available as a chargeable option allowing the operator to load, wrap and unload the finished product


  • This type of system allows for faster wrapping than the chamber type L-Sealer system
  • The robust build of this L-Sealer means that it is ideal for continual use
  • The L-Sealers have a compact footprint taking up minimal space for a packing operation
  • Provides a consistent professional finished pack
  • Spares, service and support available from our team of dedicated engineers

Matrix 5040+7550


These L-Sealer are made for us and are subject to a usual lead time of 6-8 weeks.