High Speed Automatic L-Sealer



Our high speed L sealer capable of wrapping at speeds up to 45 packs per minute dependant on the pack size.  The L sealer is available as a combination (monobloc) set up or as individual stand alone pieces.

Features & Benefits

  • This high speed automatic L sealer benefits from a single vertical bar which exerts the same pressure on all parts of the shrink film giving a superior seal to the pack.  
  • The standard automatic L sealer is set up to wrap with centre folded Polyolefin shrink film.  An optional Polythene sealing bar is available.  Again the film would need to be centre folded.
  • The sealing bar profile is just 1 cm and has vertical not scissor movement.  This provides uniform sealing and lower film consumption.
  • PLC control with Siemens HMI touch screen
  • The position of the centre seal and triangle/inverting head is motorised and adjustable via the touch screen. If required, it is adjustable to a height up to 400 mm
  • Kissing belts are mounted as standard which allows for easy packing of smaller and/or irregular shaped products
  • The film dispenser and film wind up unit are mounted at the front of the machine with an easy access sliding door.
  • The machine can be located close to a wall to save on space.

Click on the link below for the Automatic L Sealer Machine brochure in PDF format.

Automatic L Sealer – High Speed

We are a UK distributor for these machines, they are designed and manufactured in Italy by Preferred Packaging.