Camira Fabrics Ltd of West Yorkshire has recently taken delivery of a brand new bespoke shrink wrapping machine from British manufacturers, Shrinkwrap Machinery Co Ltd, based in Poole, Dorset.

Camira required a machine to wrap their rolls of upholstery fabrics in various sized rolls from 1.4 ‘ 1.7 metres, 100mm ‘ 450mm diameter in a fully enclosed, shrunk wrapped pack. The fabric rolls were fed to the machine and were to be wrapped randomly.

The design compromises of a 2.5m wide sleeve wrapper; rolls are fed into the machine narrow edge leading and parallel to the seal bar, once the roll is transferred and pushed through the wall of film, the machine senses the rear of the pack and then the seal bar cuts and seals in one smooth motion. As the roll progresses through the sealing section, side sealers seal the ends of the pack and the roll exits with its narrow edge leading ready for shrinking in the energy efficient shrink tunnel with roof mounted tunnel fans.

This is a unique design of machine; the complexity of its sensor systems managed capably by the Mitsubishi FX PLC control with touch screen HMI. The widest wrapper Shrinkwrap has ever designed and built.

Camira Fabrics
Camira’s project team had input on the machines functionality and operation throughout the build process, a critical factor for them in the decision making process. Ian Simons, Project Manager ‘We have tried over the years, at great expense to find a packaging solution for our vast array of products and failed. We approached Shrinkwrap and through their hard work and knowledge, they have developed a truly remarkable solution. This has been achieved by their professionalism and dedication to deliver the solution we require. We did look at overseas suppliers but none of them could offer a bespoke machine to cope with the diversity, all they could offer were “Off the shelf” products that would cope with 40% of our products.’

When asked what were the major benefits of the machine to Camira Ian comments ‘The machine has given us a 20% increase in production, 45% saving in Polythene usage and a 35% saving in Polythene costs but most importantly it has improve the aesthetics of the finished product going to our customers.’

And on what Ian was impressed with most about the whole experience ‘The fact that we never gave up on solving 100% of our requirements, even when we thought we could not package the lighter rolls, the team worked hard brainstorming and coming up with various solutions before eventually find the best solution.’

Shrinkwrap Machinery is a family business, established since 1967 and specialists in building bespoke equipment.