A range of high clarity and high strength Polyolefin, and PVC Shrink Films for a wide variety of presentation packs. This centre folded shrink film is ideal for print and stationery, games, arts and crafts, CD and DVD’s, books, display boxes, point of sale items etc. Available in 15-25 microns for PO films and 15-38 micron for PVC. Our PVC film is food grade and the Polyolefin film is also available in a special anti fog variety, which allows for packaging of refrigerated food products.

Our Polyolefin shrink film is available pre-perforated or without perforations, depending on your preference. The end result is a super quality tight, absolutely clear, smooth wrap of film around your product which provides some tamper evidence. Polyolefin and PVC films are for use with L sealing type shrink wrapping machines. The film is perfect for manual, semi automatic or automatic wrapping. For pallet quantities we have a preferential rate.

Polyolefin P3 Shrink Film

Excellent clarity and high speed performance. Exceptional tensile strength and tear resistance. Very strong static seals. Available in 15 – 25 micron.

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Polyolefin P5 Shrink Film

A 5 layer, multi-purpose film with a high yield. Gives excellent results on manual and automatic high speed machines. High shrinkage performance, good optics and excellent hot slip properties. Available in 15 – 25 micron.

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PVC Shrink Film

A revolution in PVC shrink film. Fully approved for direct contact with raw and cooked foodstuffs. Available in 19-38 microns.

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