Reef Entertainment Delighted With Shrinkwrap’s Service

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Reef Entertainment Delighted With Shrinkwrap’s Service

Reef Entertainment has been a valued customer at Shrinkwrap for over 10 years when they started out with the purchase of one of our table top shrink wrap systems.  They have recently upgraded their equipment to one of our Matrix range of Semi Automatic L Sealers & Tunnels.  The Matrix machines are Monobloc systems; this means that the L Sealers are built on one compact frame with integral heat tunnels. The machine at Reef is employed to shrink wrap DVD box sets & Games using our 5 layer high quality Polyolefin shrink film to give a superb presentation finish.

Debbie Frith Shrinkwrap Business Development Manager comments: “When Craig Lewis from Reef Entertainment first contacted me about a machine upgrade, he was all set to investigate a fully automatic solution for their increased production.  When we talked it through it was decided that a semi automatic solution would be the perfect shrink wrapping option for them. Craig was delighted with our honest approach”. he further comments that “as he had always received great service from us he saw no reason to buy elsewhere.”

The equipment is made by one of our Italian partners and has enabled Reef Entertainment to considerably increase their production in line with demand.  Craig is really pleased with the equipment and comments that “it is very good quality and built to last”

On the subject of Shrinkwrap’s customer service Craig says “buying from Shrinkwrap was a very pleasant experience, you quickly get to know the team and it is clear they care about Customer Service and your experience and I would happily recommend them to others”.

Thanks Craig, it’s always great to get such positive feedback!Reef Logo