Johnsons Southall Shrink Wrap Machine

Commercial laundry company, The Caterers Linen Supply at Southall, West London (a division of Johnsons Apparelmaster), has recently taken delivery of a brand new fully automatic shrink wrap machine for the laundry.

Wrapping up to 25 packs per minute the automatic shrink wrap machine is capable of wrapping small and larger packs randomly presented to the machine. The machine is shrink wrapping using a 13 micron polythene shrink film.

Also supplied, was our powered round bend modular belt conveyor. The conveyor has a tapered belt design which reduces product trapping in the belt, as the surface remains totally closed as it travels around the bend. With a further reduced gap on entry and exit, this conveyor is an ideal addition to any commercial laundry packaging area.

About the Shrink Wrap Machine

The shrink wrap machine supplied is our 900mm wide moving head model, which is engineered with features designed specifically for the laundry industry.  These features include film feed assistance; positively driving film out for the approaching pack, which reduces bunching and allows the film to lay more evenly on the seal belt. The addition of a specifically structured air flow in the heat tunnel, further facilities superior side closure of the pack.

The ASW 900 MH is a compact shrink wrap machine occupying only 3.7 meters x 1.3 meters of space in the packing area. It’s also our most energy efficient model to date, benefiting from a number of design features employed to reduce the level of power consumption. Hugely important to our customers in the decision making process for any new shrink wrapping equipment.

About Shrinkwrap

Shrinkwrap Machinery Co. Ltd. remains a family business and since 1967 has been designing and manufacturing packaging equipment from our base in Poole, Dorset.  Shrinkwrap has a long association with the UK’s commercial laundry industry, and has been supplying shrink wrapping equipment to them for over 35 years. Shrinkwrap also supply a smaller UK built L Sealer to the industry which is ideal for smaller industrial units or where shrink is not required.

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