Monobloc Shrink Wrapper

Shrinkwrap Machinery Co Ltd are celebrating their 50th year in business and what better way to do that by launching a brand-new Monobloc Shrink Wrapper onto the market in 2017?

The decision for Brexit sent initial shock waves across the business community, we saw changes in exchange rates and customers and enquiries demonstrated a keenness to move away from European purchases toward a strong desire to buy British. However, in the field of mid range shrink wrapping machines, few were to be found. 

Customers are either faced with a European import from Italy, Spain or Germany perhaps or purchasing a machine that has its origins in the Far East with the back up and support of a British company – (but for how long?). 

Future Proofing

We were presented with a dilemma, as a company who have been great fans of importing machines from outside the UK to fit a particular market, it is becoming less financially attractive to do so.  We have long thought that we would love to produce a machine to compete in that market and Brexit has given us that opportunity to do just that.

There is of course more upside to ‘Buying British’ than just finances alone, locally based back up and support is key purchase criteria for most. 50 years of building high speed machines and working with a diverse range of businesses, both customer and suppliers, has given us an enviable knowledge base which we can apply to all that we do.

To many customers, the knowledge we have been here for 50 years and have no plans to go anywhere soon, is vitality important to them in terms of the future proofing of their own businesses.

Cutting a long story short!

We’ve designed and built a mid range Monobloc Sleeve Wrapping Machine capable of wrapping up to 15 packs per minute in a small and compact footprint, which is ideal for lower to medium volume production.

This machine has been designed by us, using our skills and knowledge gained from producing higher speed machines for 50 years. Its built by us, in its entirety, at our factory in Poole. This is no assembly job, this is belts and braces British Manufacturing at its best!

UK Designed & Built Monobloc

The machine has been designed with simplicity and energy efficiency in mind; fully automatic with push button operation, simple PLC control for programming options, easy access for maintenance and it looks great to! It’s robust, back up is from our team in Poole, spares and service are available quickly; no lengthy waits here (and no month long shut downs in the summer).

This Monobloc machine provides a cost effective, long term solution to many production businesses in the UK looking for their next step in packaging equipment investment, so why not call us to discuss your needs, we’d be delighted to take your call 01202 674944 or email