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The Brief

Just Trays extensive range of shower trays are all manufactured independently in the UK from their factory in Leeds, West Yorkshire. They’ve been designing, innovating and producing trays from their base for nearly 30 years, cementing their position as the UK’s number one shower tray manufacturer. Just Trays came to Shrinkwrap with a requirement to replace two aged and increasingly unreliable shrink wrapping machines for which replacement parts had become obsolete.

The Solution

A wide range of products were to be wrapped, all sizes and weights of the range were to be included. The project to create a large format shrink wrapper was undertaken by Jeremy Frith, Technical Design Director at Shrinkwrap to deliver a faster, more energy efficient solution with a greatly improved pack presentation.

To accomodate all the product sizes (max 2.2m x 1m x 110mm), a sealing width of 1.4 meters was required which was mounted on a moving sealing gantry. This increases wrapping speed as belts don’t have to stop when the cut and seal is taking place. The customer required a fully enclosed pack and so, Leister heat guns were used to bond the film at the sides of the pack prior to the final shrinking of the pack in the heat tunnel.

The machine featured;

  • Close coupled inverter controlled conveyors
  • Inverter controlled film feed system
  • Hot knife cross cut and seal
  • Leister heat guns for side sealing/bonding
  • Mitsubishi PLC control
  • Operator touchscreen HMI
  • Welded steel frame
  • CNC machined components
  • Safety interlocked access doors
  • Side pressure rollers on tunnel outfeed

The heat tunnel was built specifically for the product with a low aperture and reduced internal volume to avoid the unnecessary heating of ‘wasted air space’ that comes from specifying a standard sized tunnel. The sides and top of the tunnel are heavily insulated with thick silicone curtains at either end, to reduce as much heat loss as possible.

Such was the efficiency of the design, only one machine was required to replace the previous two that were in operation.

The Outcome

“Shrinkwrap Machinery Co Ltd. are first and foremost a British Manufacturer with a good reputation in the field of packaging. At Just Trays we looked at the varying solutions that Shrinkwrap have provided across a whole range of industries. Solidly built machinery and the ability to bespoke to customer needs was a big factor in our choice of supplier.

Our old machinery was highly unreliable, and parts had become obsolete. Our new Shrinkwrap solution is a simple to use machine that is robustly built and offers a high degree of flexibility for our wide range of diversely sized products. One new Shrinkwrap machine has replaced two old wrappers. The use of “off the shelf” components makes maintaining the machine convenient. Product throughput has increased by 25%, but the main benefit has been seen in availability increases – the first two weeks gave us vertical ramp up to >98%.

The Shrinkwrap team are a highly experienced bunch of guys who have a vast amount of experience amongst their ranks. The design, manufacture and installation phases ran without a hitch. Commissioning phase was well supported and ramp up to full output within a matter of days was great to see.

Our new machine worked first time, with a minimal amount of issues from day one. The machine delivered what we asked for. In short, it does what it says on the tin!”

Jeff Pearson, Engineering Manager at Just Trays Ltd.

Here are some further examples of large format shrink wrappers we’ve produced;

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