Our History

historyShrinkwrap Machinery is a company that manufacturers and sells shrink wrap equipment and consumables.  Shrinkwrap was founded in 1967 by David Frith, father of the current Managing Director, Peter Frith.

David can be credited with the invention of the process of packaging products using a shrinkable film when he was working in R & D back in the mid 1950’s. David went on to form his own company and eventually Shrinkwrap Machinery Co Ltd was established.

An element of Shrinkwrap’s business has always been devoted to the research and development of new ideas. This has brought about some unique pieces of equipment, in many different industries, where an off the shelf solution was just not available.

Shrink wrap

This ethos carries on up unto the present day; Directors Peter and his brother Jeremy, are continually working with our customers to develop faster, better and more cost effective solutions for the packaging of their products. Shrinkwrap Machinery Co Ltd offers their customers a British, bespoke, design and manufacturing service for packaging equipment. This includes a complete range of shrink wrap equipment consumables (Polythene, Polyolefin and PVC shrink film) and spares. We also act as a distributor for our European partners in packaging.

We have a continual improvement approach toward our standard shrink wrap equipment, always looking for design and technological advances that will benefit the end user.

We manufacture or sell a range of sleeve wrappers and L sealers for a wide range of applications and budgets. Our machinery range for transport and presentation packaging can be found here. If you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call 01202 674944.

Laundry Shrink Wrap Machine

Our People

Peter Frith – Managing Director
Jeremy Frith – Design Manager
Debbie Frith – Business Development Manager
Jacqui Armstrong – Accounts & Admin
Andy Gillingham – Workshop Manager
Bill De Beer – Senior Electrician