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We are proud to have been British designers and manufacturers of shrink wrap, pack handling and complementary packaging equipment since 1967.

If your requirement is an off the shelf packaging machine or perhaps something more bespoke and tailored specifically for you, then please talk to us.

We offer a comprehensive range of shrink wrap and pack handling equipment which includes our own in house designed and built machines; in addition, we supply and support a range of Sleeve Wrappers, L-Sealers and Side Sealers throughout the UK and Europe.

BUY L-Sealer Spare Parts

Click here to view and purchase online a complete range of our L Sealer L50/L55SA, Shrink Tunnel ST45 and Chamber Machine Shrinkwrap 55 consumable and spare parts.

Shrink Wrap Equipment

An extensive collection of sleeve wrapping equipment from manual through to fully automatic high speed shrink wrap machines. Click through for further details.

BUY Shrink Wrap Film

We are UK shrink film distributors offering a complete array of excellent quality Polyolefin, PVC and Polythene films for all shrink wrapping applications. Click here for details.

Some of our Machines

Chamber L-Sealer

Manual L-Sealer

Laundry L-Sealer

Dual Entry Auto Sealer

DPE2For your precision engineering requirements, why not contact our sister company Diverse Precision Engineering.

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