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Shrink Wrap Tray Loaders

ATEL Range

Collating Tray Loading & Tiering Machine

Handles glass, plastic bottles, jars, cans, and carry home packs

  • Collates product and fills trays at up to 40 per minute
  • Handles a wide range of sizes
  • Unique ‘tiering’ system can achieve up to four tiers high per cycle
  • Easy access via fold back doors
  • Manufactured in Stainless or Mild Steel
  • PLC controlled
  • Machines can be tailor-made
  • CE marked

Streampack 300

Inline Tray De-nester & Tray Loader - Dairy Industry Installations

  • Loads trays at up to 45 per minute
  • Loads awkward shapes
  • Collates product into chosen format
  • Loads product in a continuous stream
  • Made in stainless steel
  • PLC controlled
  • CE marked

Machine accepts product in single or double line feed, moves pots into the required format product. Is then picked up by moving fingers acting as carriers and deposit the product by gently lowering it.


Streampack TT750

Inline Tray De-Nester and Top Tray Loader - Dairy & Juice Installations

  • Loads up to 320 bottles per minute
  • Loads awkward shapes
  • Collates product in chosen format
  • Loads product in a continuous stream
  • Manufactured in stainless steel to IP64 standard
  • PLC controlled
  • CE marked
  • Click here to view the packaging

Machine accepts product from single feed; collates into chosen format and places a plastic neck around the pack formation.


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"The tray loading systems reduced our overheads by £80k per year, we are delighted by the machinery and also by the back up and service the team at Shrinkwrap have provided over the years"

Phil Bailey
Eden Vale


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