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Shrink Wrappers

Shrink Wrapping for Presentation

These machines provide a complete seal to the pack utilising centre folded film.  Ideal for creating a presentation style pack and can be shrunk or not.  Example products; CD’s & DVD’s, boxed products, bakery products, etc.

Shrink Wrapping for Transit

These machines provide a sleeve wrapped pack through a twin reel flat film wrapping system, ideal for transit and storage of goods, providing a semi protective barrier and a degree of tamper evidence.
Manual & Semi-Automatic Equipment; Up To 15 Packs Per Minute;
Chamber Machines

Table Top Cutter & Sealer

This is an entry level manual shrink wrapping system, ideal for low volume and re-packing operation.
Manual Sleeve Wrapper

Manual Sleeve Wrapper

Manually operated sleeve wrapper & shrink tunnel.
Chamber Machines

Chamber Machines

Manually operated, low cost and energy efficient these machines wrap and shrink within one compact unit. Machine model; Shrinkwrap 55.
Monobloc Sleeve Wrapper

Monobloc Sleeve Wrapper

Semi automatic and fully automatic combined sleeve wrapper and shrink tunnel units.

Manual L Sealer

Manual & Semi-Auto L Sealer

Manually operated with optional semi automatic function, these low cost machines offer a speedier wrapping solution to the chamber machine. Machine models; Shrinkwrap L50, Shrinkwrap L55SA.

Laundry L Sealer

Manual & Air Assisted Laundry L Sealer

British designed and built for industrial use L sealer, specifically for use in the laundry industry. Machine models: LL70 & LL70SA.
Automatic Equipment; High Speed Systems;
Automatic L Sealer

Automatic L Sealer

Fully automated wrapping machine, providing complete sealed packs. Machine models; ALS 5038MB, 5545 & 7555.
Fixed Head Sleeve Wrapper

Fully Automatic High Speed Sleeve Wrapper

High speed sleeve wrapper. Stop start and continuous motion options, designed to cope with the in-feed of standard or variable sized packs.
Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

Tailor made to suit your application – Contact us with your requirements 01202 674944


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"We have Shrinkwrap Machinery Ltd’s wrappers in our operations across the UK and we are very pleased with their performance. They are truly solid and reliable machines which cope extremely well with heavy duty usage"
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